Global solar sharing done right

Everything we do at Bright Sunday aims at reducing CO2 emissions on a global level. We do it either by helping you make low risk investments in solar energy or by slashing your electricity bill, depending on who you are.

Here's how it works

 First  Who are you?

I want profit & purpose

If you want to make an investment that makes a difference, we’ll call you an enabler. Your investment, no matter how big or small, will finance solar panels that significantly benefits the climate. That’s the purpose. Equally important, your profit will be just as solid.

I want free solar panels

If you want to switch to zero emission solar energy and lower your electricity costs by up to 10%, you can become one of our host companies. We’ll provide you with your very own solar panels. No upfront investment required, you simply pay a fee to use the electricity generated from the panels.

Why Bright Sunday?

The most obvious answer: with us there is no trade off between profit and purpose. In fact it’s exactly the other way around. The more CO2 emissions our solar panels help us reduce, the more money you will make or save. Give us a minute and we’ll explain just how that’s done.

It’s all about location

We install our solar panels in areas that get lots of sun, on markets where the price of energy is high and electricity is still produced by burning fossil fuels. Why? This example comparing Sweden and Portugal will hopefully make it very clear.


A solar panel in a sunny location like Portugal will produce roughly 60 percent more electricity.


High electricity prices make the savings much bigger, in fact almost double compared to the Swedish market.


Solar panels in Portugal replace significantly more fossil fuels, with a reduction of global CO2 emissions.

We always use the latest numbers from The European Environment Agency (EEA), The International Energy Agency (IEA-PVPS) and Eurostat to make sure our calculations are accurate. More detailed information is available here.

Produced locally, consumed locally

The electricity from the solar panels we invest in is used directly by the host company. That means that hosts “buy from themselves” with no need to pay any network charge or markup to a utility. The net result is usually a price per kWh at 10 percent below the current market price.

A very decent investment

As an enabler, your investment risk is low and you will make a significant contribution to lowering global CO2 emissions. The fact that you give companies the opportunity to switch to zero emission solar energy while lowering their energy costs, will give you another reason to sleep well at night.

Turns out democratizing solar power can be a  very good deal , both if you are looking to make an investment or if you are a company who wants to switch to renewable energy.

We are open for investments and are currently looking for host companies. To find out more, check out the enabler or host company section. Or feel free to contact us directly to set up a meeting.