Questions & answers

Here you’ll find answers to some of the questions you might have. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or need us to clarify something further, please drop us a line.

Bright Sunday

What’s the idea behind Bright Sunday?

Bright Sunday is all about reducing global greenhouse gas emissions. The burning of coal, natural gas, and oil for electricity and heat is still the largest single source of global CO2 emissions. That’s why switching to renewable energy is one of the most important things we can do to stop global warming. And we’re in a hurry. Bright Sunday was started to help make that switch as quickly as possible.

And what exactly do you do?

We bring cleantech as a service to companies on select markets. They don’t need to make any upfront investment. Instead they pay a fee to use the electricity produced by panels at a lower price than what they are paying for the electricity today. By doing so, we relieve them of their dependence on costly and carbon emitting fossil energy.

Which markets do you operate in?

We currently have operations in Portugal, Spain and Sweden. We’re also open to other opportunities within EU and have a global mind set from start, since there are many companies around the globe who want renewable energy at a competitive price. As soon as we enter new markets, they will be listed on the site.


What is a Host Company?

A Host Company is company in an area that gets a lot of sunshine with room for solar panels on their roof or a nearby location. If the right conditions are met Bright Sunday will install, operate and maintain solar panels with insurance included, with no upfront investment for the Host Company. The Host Company will pay a fee to use the energy generated from the panels. We call this ”cleantech as a service”.

How do I become a host?

The first step is to contact us. We need to know a bit about your business and your facility before we can make you a concrete offer. Things like where you’re located, how much capacity you are looking to install and some other things. Please use the contact form.

Is there a lot of paperwork?

No, and that’s just one thing that will make your life a bit easier. Since Bright Sunday is the owner of the panels, we take care of all tricky stuff. You simply sign a contract with us and we’ll handle contacts and the necessary paperwork with authorities, utilities etc. We will require your cooperation, but it’s our business to guide and facilitate this process.

What happens if a panel breaks?

As the owner of the solar panels Bright Sunday is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system on your facility. Solar panels generally require very little maintenance and most panels are warrantied for 25 years (can you think of one other thing you own which has a warranty like that?). In other words you should expect minimum trouble, in fact even less since it’s our job to handle it.

How much will my energy costs drop?

Before we know how much of you overall electricity consumption we can replace with electricity generated by Bright Sunday solar panels, that’s difficult to say. On the other hand, what we definitely can say is that the solar panels we install will deliver electricity below the current market price and make you reduce your energy costs from day one. Typically, you will get more than 20% cost reduction with zero upfront investment.

Can I buy solar panels from you?

No, we are not a wholesales operation. We install and operate solar power systems at our Host Companies. The systems are financed by our Enablers, giving them the opportunity to make a low risk green investment that will contribute to the proliferation of solar energy and replacement of CO2-intensive fossil fuels. That being said, at any given time our Host Companies can buy our solar panels, as set out in the terms of our contract.