Bright Sunday in Dagens Industri: Set on rapid expansion

Bright Sunday in Dagens Industri: Set on rapid expansion

Today Bright Sunday and our CEO Niklas Engström are featured in Dagens Industri, the largest financial daily in the Nordics. They report on our renowned investors and our first round of projects being installed around Portugal.

It sure feels great to finally take the lid off and show the fruits of all the hard work that has gone into creating what is now a well oiled machine set on rapid expansion during the coming years.

Make sure you follow our journey to create maximum positive climate impact by installing clean tech solutions free of charge, while at the same time giving our investors a competitive return on investment.

Please contact us if you are interested in getting your own clean tech solution, whether it’s LED, Solar PV or storage solutions. And do the same if you are looking to make low risk, high return investments with a strong climate impact.

Read the article here (only in Swedish):

Bright Sunday i DI, Dagens Industri

Solar PV and free LED for Vitoria FC

Solar PV and free LED for Vitoria FC

Vitoria Setubal is a football club in the Primeira Liga in Portugal. Our contract includes installing LED lights on their training facility and in their offices. This will both generate a massive saving in energy cost as well as a reduction of CO2 emissions equivalent to more than 64 tonnes annually.

And that is just the beginning. We also installed 250 kWp worth of solar panels on the roof of their futsal, handball och gymnastics facility. This will help reduce CO2 emissions by a massive 165 tonnes annually.

So help us cheer Vitoria Setubal on!

And let us know if your sports club (or any other company for that matter) needs our help getting your own renewable energy solutions or LED installations with no upfront costs.

Vitoria FC Setubal

  • LOCATION: Setubal, Portugal
  • ENERGY PRODUCED, year 1: 462 MWh
  • ENERGY REDUCTION, year 1: 179 MWh
  • CO2 REDUCTION, year 1: 230 tonnes
Wine making Regia Park goes solar

Wine making Regia Park goes solar

The owner of Regia Park wanted to strengthen the business park’s sustainability profile. Bright Sunday is of course more than happy to help out. We’re financing 164 kWp of solar, generating 249 MWh of renewable energy the first year. The installation this time is not done on the roof, but instead on land that is not possible to use for parking.

Regia Park includes 28 companies and all of them are in some way involved in the wine making business in the Douro valley. This means the grapes will be powered by sunshine before, during and after they are picked

  • LOCATION: Vila Real, Portugal
  • ENERGY PRODUCED, year 1: 249 MWh
  • CO2 REDUCTION, year 1: 90 tonnes
  • PARTNER: Ourseal
Bright Sunday partners with Voltalia for O&M

Bright Sunday partners with Voltalia for O&M

The French company Voltalia has global operations doing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) for solar energy systems. Bright Sunday has partnered with Voltalia to make sure all our Host’s are getting what they are expecting: a worry free solar energy system with a production guarantee.

Using Voltalia’s own software we are able to monitor all our systems 24/7, 365 days a year. The reason is simple: the sun won’t stop shining for a long time so it’s really only up to Bright Sunday and Voltalia to make sure the electricity is generated.

Bright Sunday partners with SPLux

Bright Sunday partners with SPLux


The Portuguese company SPLux is as the name implies primarily focused on LED lighting. As it turns out, partnering with Bright Sunday has led to a lot of new business where LED lighting is combined with solar energy to make the climate impact even greater. What’s more, in many cases this means the Host company will get its LED lighting effectively for free as the revenue from the solar energy pays for the lighting. It’s truly what the dictionary calls a win-win: climate and commercials both benefit.

If your looking to partner with Bright Sunday to boost your sales or if you’re a company looking to lower your CO2 footprint, we’re here for you.