Welcome to the sunny side

We offer solar investments that make sense. To the environment as well as your wallet.

We’re all going solar

You don’t need a roof of your own, not even a single spot of sunshine. At Bright Sunday we let people and companies invest in profitable solar energy projects in locations where they replace a lot of CO2 intensive fossil energy.

Get your piece of the sun

No matter how big or small your investment, all your money will be used in a way that directly benefits the climate. This is a low risk green investment that will give you a solid return on investment.

So what’s the catch?

We knew you would ask that. And the short answer is that there is none. But just to make things all little clearer, let us walk you through how we do this.


Where solar is a bargain

The price of solar panels is falling rapidly. In many countries solar energy is now cheaper than any traditional energy source. This of course is especially true for markets that have high energy prices. And that’s where we put your money to work.


Lots of sun = more energy

A lot of sunshine will produce a lot of electricity. Less sunlight will produce less. Where you put up your solar panels simply makes a whole lot of difference. That’s why we focus on countries that get lots of sun.


Less CO2 = more money

The more electricity our solar panels produce, the more CO2 intensive fossil energy we can replace. And the more fossil energy we replace, the more money you make.

Purpose + profit = maximum effect

People want to make money. We believe that many of them want to make a difference while they’re doing it. By lowering risk and turning a decent profit we are able to attract more investors. This means that we can do more of what Bright Sunday is all about, which is reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale.