Frequently Asked Questions

Construction and Maintenance
Do I need to take care of licenses and other bureaucracy during the process?

No, our technical partner will facilitate all administration.

Do I need to stop my business while executing the installation?

No. Together with you and our technical partner we always plan the construction and necessary power cuts so that any negative impact on your operations is eliminated or minimized.

How do I know the solar PV installation is made with quality?
Bright Sunday takes care of it for you and we take all technical risk. Bright Sunday only uses premium high-quality products from large suppliers and engages local technical partners for design and construction of the PV system. All installations must follow health & safety protocols and local regulations and guidelines for electrical installations. Bright Sunday engages external inspectors before and after the construction to validate the installation is in line with the technical design and with all safety requirements. We are experts on solar PV, so that you don’t have to be.
What maintenance does the equipment require?
In general very little. Bright Sunday performs at least one annual on-site system checkup to control e.g. the rigidity of mounting structure, cables and connectors. The rest of the year we monitor the PV system in real time 24/7 and will take corrective actions if and when needed. We will also clean the system frequently, typically once per year. As a Bright Sunday Solar as a Service customer you do not need to worry about this and you only pay for electricity which means it’s in the interest of Bright Sunday to take good care of the PV system in order to maximize its electricity production.


Health and Safety

Sales, Finance and Contract

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