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How do solar photovoltaic (PV) panels work?
The sunlight creates a flow of direct current (DC) in the PV panels. The PV panels are connected to inverters which transform the DC power into usable electricity (alternating current, AC).

The PV panels produce power during sunhours when there is light, i.e. there is no need for direct sunlight from a clear sky. However, the more light the more electricity the system will produce.

Where can I install the solar PV panels?
The most common is to install PV panels on rooftops or ground but they can also be installed in car parks (carports with solar PV roofs).
What is an optimal size for a solar PV system?
Our technical partner will propose a system design and sizing optimal to your needs based on your connection power, available space for PV panels, past energy consumption and expected future needs. Typically a solar PV system can reduce your consumption of electricity from your commercializer with 10-30%.
What happens with the energy I might not consume?
It can be stored in a battery or sold, provided necessary licenses have been granted. Bright Sunday’s technical partner will facilitate this process and make necessary technical adjustments (at no extra cost for you).
Is it worth it to have batteries?
In many markets the answer right here, right now is often no. However, we see great business potential in batteries going forward. The financial analysis is far more complex than just calculating the value of storing surplus production for use at night-time or for buying when electricity is cheap and selling when it is expensive. Please contact us for a walkthrough and discussion around your specific case.
How long does a project take?
Normally the time from the start of the installation at your property till the PV system is turned on is 1-6 months. The project time correlates with the size of the system. Sometimes the roof or land to be used for the solar PV panel installation may have to be prepared beforehand, which adds time.
How reliable will a system be?

Solar PV is a mature and proven technology. However, no technical system can be expected to work flawlessly without proper monitoring, checkups and service.
To professionally monitor a PV system you need dedicated equipment and software. Further, it is very complex to analyze if the solar PV system performed as expected as it depends on the weather for that specific period. For this reason you need access to reliable and accurate irradiation data (from satellites or local sensors), which Bright Sunday has access to. In reality this is not possible for most companies and, consequently, they will not know how well or poor it is performing. Even a downtime of e.g. 5% would impact the financial returns significantly. This a key reason to not invest yourself and instead play it safe and opt for a Solar as a Service PPA (for further reading click here).

How long will a solar power system last?
Solar PV panels have an expected economic lifetime of 25+ years and an estimated technical lifetime of 40+ years.

Bright Sunday only uses premium high-quality products from large suppliers. PV panels typically have 10-12 years product warranty and a 25 year production warranty, i.e. a guarantee that the panel after 25 years will produce at least 82-84% of the power it did when brand new. The inverters typically have a product warranty of 10-12 years.

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