Join us to create maximum climate impact and financial returns

Bright Sunday’s ultimate goal is to replace 1% of global CO2 caused by production of electricity. Bright Sunday’s business is to make the cleantech transformation easy and profitable for commercial and industrial customers. We invest in solar PV systems installed at the customer property and offer customers solar as a service with zero upfront investments and savings from day one. Our customers only pay for electricity produced at a flat cost per kWh on a 10-25 year contract.

Bright Sunday, founded 2016, is a privately held Swedish company backed by leading Swedish investors. Currently we own and operate 50+ solar PV systems in Spain and Portugal. We monitor the project portfolio in real time using third party products.

Bright Sunday is in a scale-up phase and through partnerships with local contractors (EPCs) and partners we make our services available globally. Over the coming years we expect to broaden our cleantech service offering and grow significantly both in existing markets and across Europe.

Bright Sunday has a small but highly skilled and professional team spread across Spain, Portugal and Sweden working in the intersection of cleantech and finance. To grow our business fast and with good risk control it is critical to approach work in a structured way, to foster a performance culture with individual accountability and maintain a work environment that is open, friendly, motivating and supportive.

We look for a high-potential Software Developer. You share our passion for climate impact and to build Bright Sunday as a company. You will be part of the Tech & ISIT team and will report directly to the CTO, Niclas Martinsson.


Tech & ISIT is responsible for technical requirements on solar PV systems and adhering equipment and systems for monitoring, operations and analytics (“Tech”) and system architecture and support systems for the Bright Sunday organization (“ISIT”). Today we use a combination of third party applications and custom developed solutions based on the Google suite.

Since Bright Sunday is a startup in a scaleup phase the Software Developer will work with both “hi and low” ISIT related tasks. 

Typical duties include discussing requirements with internal stakeholders, defining and developing solutions based on Google/Javascript and/or third party solutions and testing integrations and code. You will collaborate with external consultants as needed. Your responsibilities will include, but not be limited to, defining, implementing and maintaining solutions for;

  • Sales, Operations and Finance
    • Sales – business case calculation, proposal, contract, etc
    • Operations – project progress follow-up, KPIs, etc
    • Finance – billing, invoicing, management and finance reporting, etc
  • Web / front-end 

Education and qualifications

MSc in Electrical Engineering and Computer science or similar.

You are a curious and creative software developer with strong attention to detail and problem-solving skills. You will need to learn the programming languages, tools, etc required to deliver on the abovementioned responsibilities. However, we believe you already have fundamental skills in Javascript, Python and SQL.

You’re a strong team player with good communication skills and have very high professional standards, self-motivation and a positive can-do attitude.

Professional background and experience

You are either a graduate or have relevant professional experience from e.g. the consulting, media, tech or the financial services sector.

The key for us is not your current seniority. You will embark on a journey to further build Bright Sunday which means ISIT architecture and complexity will have to evolve accordingly. Consequently, you should have the skill and the will to progress to a more senior role over time.

Language requirements

Full working proficiency in English is a must and if you also speak Swedish, Spanish or Portuguese it is meritorious.


Individual, for discussion.


Contact, application and process

In order to fill the position as fast as possibly we will continuously assess candidates and may use external partners for assessments, etc.

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