Shading cars with solar PV-panels at Regia Douro Park

Bright Sunday together with our partner Ourseal have extended the partnership with Regia Douro Park, strengthen the business park’s sustainability profile. Shading the parking spaces with solar PV-panels is the the lastest addition to produce renewable energy at the park. Now both employees and guests can enjoy meetings generated by renewable energy, and cool cars on the way home.
Regia Park includes 28 companies and all of them are in some way involved in the wine making business in the Douro valley. This means the grapes will be powered by sunshine before, during and after they are picked.


LOCATION: Vila Real, Portugal
MODEL: Production self consumed
ENERGY PRODUCED, year 1: 297 MWh (195 kW)
CO2 REDUCTION, year 1: 97 tonnes
PARTNER: Ourseal