The sun polishes the sandstone at Piedras Moragues

Established in 1974 Piedras Moragues have always focused on delivering high quality products from their own quarries. They have become known for their four different sandstones and the ability to turn large boulders into almost anything that customers desire.

Now Bright Sunday helps Piedras Moragues going solar by financing the installation of solar panels at the factory roof. With our partner Ingenia21, covering the installation of the system, Piedras Moragues now can enjoy savings on the energy bill from day one and contribute to a more sustainable world at the same time.


LOCATION: Vinaixa, Spain
MODEL: Production self consumed
ENERGY PRODUCED, year 1: 277 MWh (199 kW)
CO2 REDUCTION, year 1: 74 tonnes
PARTNER: Ingenia21