Today Niklas Engström joined Bright Sunday as our new CEO. Niklas has 20 years of experience equally split between management consulting and from C-level positions in large cap Nordic companies. Niklas holds a Ms.C in Industrial Economics and Management from KTH, the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm.

-I’m excited to join Bright Sunday at this point. Not only is it an amazing business model, the timing in the market is perfect with solar energy now being competitive without subsidies. For me personally, the chance to be a part of making sure we get less CO2 in the world on commercial terms made the decision to join easy, says Niklas Engström.

Niklas focus will be building on the strengths of Bright Sunday’s offer, which means making sure we have a strong flow of projects in markets where there is a lot of sunshine and where the climate impact would be strong, while also securing attractive terms for our Enablers – companies and individuals who want to invest in cleantech. Niklas has a proven track record of delivering on a promise and the rest of the Bright Sunday team will work together with him to continue that tradition.

Contact Niklas directly for general corporate matters and specifically regarding investment inquiries in the Contact us.