All investments involves risk and can result in loss. Bright Sunday try to minimize the risks through:

  • Standardized and quick system installation (2-6 months)
  • Host contracts that are protected against inflation and termination at will (but the Host can acquire the system at any point at a fair market value)
  • Host contracts not dependent on government subsidies
  • Electricity, at a lower cost, is critical for the Hosts and the counterpart is often a utility, ie a large energy company.
  • Enablers are always exposed to a batch with multiple Hosts, lowering the overall risk
  • Bright Sunday will do credit checks together with banks and/or insurance companies.

The build time, ie the time it takes from an investment until the day it starts generating a return, may vary due to factors outside of Bright Sunday’s control. More information will be shared on request and prior to your investment.